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May 07, 2017 01:56 PM

A sea lion was captured waddling around San Diego, California, on Sunday after a major storm.

A local NBC reporter filmed the lost, female sea lion in a video, explaining she spotted the adorable animal wandering the streets.

“Poor little guy! Baby sea lion washed ashore in this storm & is now wandering San Diego streets. @SeaWorld enroute to rescue it! #NBC7,” Liberty Zabala posted on her Twitter account.


Turns out the sea lion, while turned around, was not a baby or a victim of the storm. SeaWorld San Diego, who rescued the animal, told PEOPLE that the sea lion is an adult female.

“We believe her stranding was not related to the inclement weather experienced in San Diego over the weekend,” SeaWorld San Diego said. 

Rescuers from the park picked up the confused and stranded sea lion on Sunday morning and took her to their Animal Rescue Center. SeaWorld will care for the animal until she recovers, then she will be released back into the wild. 

In April, a sea lion was rescued by a Santa Cruz surf instructor who noticed the animal struggling in rough waters.

According to WDTN, the instructor noticed the marine mammal was getting thrown against the rocks and unable to reach land on its own.

The instructor was with a student at the time, surveying the waves. He observed the animal for a while before deciding it needed help. “It was really high tide, probably an 8-foot swell, and no beach,” he told KSBW8.

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At first the pup resisted and bit his rescuerer. But soon, “it latched its flippers onto my leg, it was its last bit of energy,” he said. The instructor then ferried the animal on the nose of his longboard back to shore. He even cuddled the pup while they waited for a volunteer from a rehabilitation organization to arrive, comforting and keeping it warm. The rescuer nicknamed his new pal “Little C.” (His own nickname is “Big C,” of course.)




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