July 21, 2015 06:30 PM

This bunny is more of a scoocher than a hopper, but it is still eliciting “aww”s from the Internet.

The species, Jorunna Parva, which was discovered back in the 1930s, is finally having its moment thanks to a few new Twitter photos, according to The Weather Network.

A type of sea slug, these inch-long creatures are becoming a sensation because of their bunny-like looks. This puffy white slug comes equipped with “ears” called rhinophores, which actually help the slug detect the scent of food.

the Jorunna Parva, otherwise known as “small friend”,

errol (@sewermist) July 16, 2015


The retractable “accessories” have led to Jorunna Parva being called the bunnies of the sea. These underwater rabbits of unusually small size can be found in the waters near Japan and the Philippines.

Wonder if they enjoy munching on sea cucumbers?

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