June 22, 2016 02:32 PM

It’s bear-y hot in the Southwest, especially if you are wearing a fur coat. 

To beat the nearly 120-degree heat, a bear in Bradbury, California, partook in a little trespassing and went for a dip in a family’s swimming pool. 

According to KABC, Shannon Lievense spotted the bear’s soggy paw prints first and then saw the animal jump into her dad’s pool. 

The arrival of the intruder turned out to be an unexpected treat for Lievense and her family, who were celebrating Father’s Day. 

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“He continued to play around for about 20 minutes. We watched him play with the different rafts and my baby’s pool toys,” Lievense said.

Bears sightings are common in the Bradbury area, so Lievense and her family knew to keep their distance and enjoy the swim show from the safety of their home. 


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