Scott Eastwood's Dog Fred Is a Hugger, a Licker and an Ear Nibbler (and Who Can Blame Him?)

Eastwood also reveals he got his first dog after a bad breakup to "fill a void"

It’s hard not to be jealous of Scott Eastwood‘s dog, Fred. After all, the adorable 3-year-old white Lab gets to spend lots of intimate time with the actor, showering him with affection and generally enjoying the perks of being a sexy man’s best friend.

“Having a dog is great because no matter what is going on in your life, when you get home, that dog doesn’t care. He loves you unconditionally,” Eastwood, 31, tells PEOPLE in the Sexiest Man Alive issue. “He’s going to make you laugh, he’s going to make you irritated. He’s going to put you through the paces, so having a dog makes a house full of life.”

Eastwood and his close friend/roommate co-parent Fred, whom they got from a friend of a friend whose dog had a litter of puppies. He lovingly jokes that the pup is “sort of charming, but kind of an a–hole, like a Fred.”

Alexei Hay

Despite the spirited canine’s penchant for getting into food and hanging out on the couch when he knows he’s not supposed to — “Sometimes you come home and he’s just sitting there, knowing [he’s] broken the rules,” says Eastwood — Fred is a good dog who gets along with everybody.

“He’s playful, he’s loving,” says the doting dog dad. And how can Eastwood tell? By the hugs … and licks … and even the nibbles.

While some studies show that dogs don’t like hugs, Fred is decidedly not one of those pups. “I hug him all the time,” says Eastwood, who also asserts that the affectionate Lab “likes to nibble my ears” and licks the actor’s face after a long, stressful day.

But it’s not all PDA between these two. They also have a ton of sporty fun and go on adventures together.

“I take Fred to the beach. I take him on hikes,” Eastwood tells PEOPLE. “He’s pretty lucky though; I’ve got some property so he’s got room to run around and play … I throw the ball with him. We have an archery target at my house and we shoot a lot of archery, so he loves when we take out the bows. He freaks out … we’re always yelling at him to stay inside, but he likes to chase those arrows.”

Eastwood says he always had a dog while growing up, and even credits a canine for helping through some romantic hardships.

“I got my first dog on the heels of a bad breakup. Maybe to fill a void, I’m not sure,” Eastwood tells PEOPLE.

“I had that dog for a few years, but I was traveling so much. I was in my early 20s … decided it wasn’t really fair to the dog,” says Eastwood. “I [gave] the dog to my friend’s parents who still have the dog. Then we got [Fred] a few years ago. Life has settled down a little bit more.”

Settling down with Eastwood sounds like a doggy dream come true to us, and if you ask Fred, he’s likely to shake on it.

  • Reporting by JESSICA FECTEAU
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