Me & Miss Jones personalizes pet pieces with diamonds, rubies and more

When Stephanie Jones moved to New York, Carrie Bradshaw fever was in full swing: stylish city girls were sporting Manolos, ballerina skirts – and those signature nameplate necklaces. “I saw them everywhere,” she tells “So this eventually led to me buying one.”

One day, Jones decided her own moniker wasn’t enough. “I thought, ‘What name can I get that will be around long enough to dip in gold and wear with pride?’ ” she recalls. Her cat’s, of course! So she designed a pinky ring for herself that spelled “Frank,” her feline pal’s sobriquet, and created a nameplate tag for him, as well.

Now, Jones collaborates with a jeweler, taking special orders from animal lovers who want to see their pets’ names in 14-karat gold (or silver) for Me & Miss Jones tags. The bling comes in three sizes – 1- to 2.5-in. in width – with writing in block, block capital or script. (Prices start at $80.) Jones tries to tackle any request she receives – whether someone wants diamonds, rubies or sapphires added to their tags – and offers laser engraving on the back, so owners can add their emergency contact information if desired.

Even though its offerings are luxe, the company uses all recycled materials. And Jones prides her tags on being timeless, too. As she says, “In the pet world, a good tag is like a good watch. At the end of the day, you’ll have it forever and wear it with everything.”

Jones encourages owners to wear their dogs’ tags, too; they’re designed with sharing in mind. Who ever thought you’d one day be borrowing jewelry from your pet?