Talented Cat Troupe Can Climb, Jump, Listen and Perform Tricks Better Than 99% of Dogs

This exclusive America's Got Talent clip proves anything dogs can do, cats can do better.

The face-off between cats and dogs just got a little more heated.

For decades felines have been labeled as lazy, non-listeners incapable of mastering basic commands, while canines have been celebrated for loyally following directions and learning new tricks.

The Savitsky Cats are here to squash these negative kitty stereotypes. The group of talented cats, who know how to climb poles, jump through hoops and walk on their hind legs are going to be on the season 13 premiere episode of America’s Got Talent, airing on Tuesday, May 29th at 8/7c on NBC.

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PEOPLE has a sneak peek at the cats’ America’s Got Talent performance, and it will certainly knock your whiskers back.

While things start off slow, leading to some skeptical stares from the judges, it doesn’t take long for the Savitsky Cats to show that anything a dog can do, a cat can do better.

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