Save the Koala Day Is Coming! Celebrate by Working from Home with a Bunch of Koalas

Animal lovers can spend Sept. 25th hanging out with the cuddly koalas of Australia's Symbio Wildlife Park

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Animal lovers working from home with pets during the pandemic know the joy of having a furry friend to keep you company. Now, imagine if that cat or dog was actually a koala!

The Australian Koala Foundation and Messenger have partnered to bring koalas into your home office, but with no fur on your furniture. In celebration of Save the Koala Day on Friday, Sept. 25, the two are partnering together to host the world’s first koala Messenger room.

Starting at 7:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, Sept. 24, anyone can visit Australian Koala Foundation’s Facebook page and head to the Koala Room to tune in and take park in the koala group video chat, which will be broadcasting live from Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, Australia. No Facebook account is required to visit the page and join the video chat, which will continue on into Friday's Save the Koala Day.

Participants can expect to "koal"-ity time with koalas Imogen, Ellie, Johnny, Grace, and Baby Kev, all of whom will be introduced in the Messenger room by hosts and Symbio Wildlife Park zookeepers Naomi Johnston and Elizabeth Florance. The koalas are expected to do what they do best: sleep, cuddle, and eat eucalyptus.

Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Koala Foundation

"We’re excited to be bringing the beautiful koalas who live safely at Symbio Wildlife Park into the homes of people around the world. While these koalas are loved and happy in their zoo home, koalas in the wild aren’t so lucky. Koalas are officially classified as vulnerable to extinction — one step down from endangered. Save the Koala Day is an important moment to recognize that we need to protect all koala habitats to secure the future of this unique and incredible species," Deborah Tabart OAM, "The Koala Woman" and Chair of Australian Koala Foundation, said in a statement.

Tabart hopes that the opportunity to interact with koalas virtually on Save the Koala Day encourages people to look seriously into how to protect these creatures, which were greatly affected by Australia's recent bushfires.

Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Koala Foundation

"No matter if you’re tuning into our Koala Room from Australia or abroad you can play a vital role in protecting the future of koalas. We hope you come away from the Koala Room having learnt a little more about our furry friends, the challenges they face in the wild and feel informed about how you can help," she added. "The Australian Koala Foundation is funded by everyday people and any donation, big or small, will help us to continue our important work."

So make sure to set an alarm for your very important koala meeting, and get ready to head into the gum trees to get up close to koalas starting on Thursday, Sept 24. at 7:00 p.m. EST. To learn more about koalas, the help they need all year round, and what the Australian Koala Foundation is doing to support these animals, visit the Australian Koala Foundation's website and Facebook page.

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