May 27, 2016 07:08 PM

Looking for a summer getaway that combines your love of cats and beautiful scenery? has the purr-fect place for you: Sardinia.

The Italian island’s I Gatti di Su Pallosu cat colony is ranked #7 on the website’s lengthy list of “things to do in Sardinia,” so, clearly, this is a place cat lovers should check out — like, right meow.


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According to The Local, who reported the story, the association which runs the sanctuary — situated on a glorious sandy beach flooded with cats — has been awarded a prestigious certificate of excellence, thanks to the five star reviews it has received on

“People love cats and they love beaches too, so it’s a recipe for success,” Andrea Atzori, who founded the non-profit sanctuary with his wife in 2011, told The Local. “People are curious because they assume cats hate water, but the Su Pallosu cats grew up on the shore and have no fear of the sea.”


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A photo posted by Andrea Atzori (@oasifelinasupallosu) on Apr 16, 2016 at 9:10am PDT


While scores of tourists have just discovered the cat colony, this unique destination is definitely not new. Cats have roamed the sands at Su Pallosu for over a century, The Local says, ever since local tuna fishermen imported a bunch of kitties to tackle the local rodent problem.

Today, a flock of 60 felines live at the sanctuary, some of them descendants of the original cats — all of them helping tourists achieve Instagram greatness, one photo at a time.


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