The former Republican vice-presidential candidate meets some grizzlies on her new show

She promised bears on her new TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and based on a new clip from the show, she delivers.

In the video, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate and governor of the Last Frontier State is seen taking the family, including husband Todd and daughter Piper, on a salmon-fishing expedition on an Alaskan river.

Just one problem: They have competition in the form of several hungry grizzly bears, including a mom with two scraggly cubs in tow.

At first, it’s all furry fun as the Palins’ boat floats along in their small fishing vessel.

“Look! There’s a bear!” Palin says as a brown bear splashes along in the river. Perhaps unclear on what kind of animal she’s looking at, one of the kids exclaims, “Holy cow!”

Soon, however, things get hairy. Next we see the mama bear followed by her cubs. “Cute!” Palin says at first. But then the mama bear opens her mouth to growl at another adult bear, and Palin says, “Oooh, he’s tellin’ him to get the heck outta here” as a brown bear leaps on another in the water.

Palin starts to get nervous as one of the animals splashes in the water a bit too close to their boat. She says, “a bear is coming towards us. We’re going to back up. Look at his claws.”

Later, on camera, she recalls being uneasy at that point: “I’m lookin’ around to Todd going, are you feeling what I’m feelin’?”

Still, for Palin, the sight was something she could relate to. She tells the camera in an interview, “I love watching these mama bears. What I see in that is what a mom would do too – anything and everything, laying down her life for her kids.”