Sarah Chalke: My Dog 'Runs My Life'

The Maneater star dishes about life with her Lab Lola

Everyone has to answer to someone. In the case of actress Sarah Chalke, it’s her chocolate Lab, Lola. “She’s the boss,” says Chalke. “She runs my life.”

And Chalke is the first to admit that she’s not as strict as she should be with her pooch. So while the actress was away in Vancouver filming her new TV miniseries, Maneater, (which premieres on Lifetime on May 30), Lola stayed with Chalke’s sister, who broke the pup of her bad habits. And though Chalke promised to be a disciplinarian, the morning following her return from the set, the pair were back to their old ways.

“The second I get out of bed, she starts leaping up and down on me to give her food. And I do,” she says.

Nonetheless, Chalke embraces her canine’s powerful personality, naming her Lola because “she walks like a woman and talks like a man,” referring to the lyrics of The Kinks hit. “She’s the runt of the litter,” the actress adds, a tiny girl with “the deepest Rottweiler bark.”

Lola entered Chalke’s life during the second season of Scrubs, when she attended a charity auction with her fellow castmates. She recalls the moment she first set eyes on Lola, who was up for bid. The pup was a “10-week-old chocolate Lab nugget of a puppy who was the cutest thing ever,” says Chalke. When bidding for the canine took off, Chalke’s costars surprised the actress and nabbed the lucky Labrador for her, and they’ve been pals ever since.

When she’s not traveling for work, Chalke spends her time staying active and hiking with her dog, gushing that Lola is one of the little things in life that makes her smile.

You can catch Chalke in the new miniseries Maneater, which premieres May 30 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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