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June 06, 2012 01:00 PM

She lost 50 lbs. two years ago, and Sara Rue has stayed committed to her healthy lifestyle – so much so that she’s even buddied up with her two dogs.

“My dogs are older so it’s really important for me to get out and take a walk with them,” she tells PEOPLE. “Otherwise they would lay around all day and not do too much.”

The dogs, both rescues, are Biscuit, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian-terrier mix (pictured), and Bucket, a springer spaniel mix, and they help Rue keep her own heart rate up. “It’s good for us both to be active,” she says.

In keeping with the spirit, Rue has partnered with Milk-Bone Trail Mix, which encouraged people and their pets to take a hike on the 20th anniversary of National Trails Day on June 2.

Even if getting a full-on trail hike isn’t on the itinerary, Rue makes it a point to get moving with Biscuit and Bucket.

“Honestly, this is what we do a lot of the time when we can’t get out to the mountains to go for a full hike,” she says. “We set our sights on an outdoor café where we know they allow dogs. We’ll take a long walk to the café, have some lunch, get our dogs some water and walk home.”

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