Sandra Lee Saves Baby Seal Pup in California

The Food Network star discovered the abandoned animal while walking on the beach in Malibu

Sandra Lee has become the unlikely savior of a starving baby seal pup in California.

While walking on the beach in Malibu, the Food Network star, 48, discovered the abandoned animal and immediately sprung into action by calling wildlife rescue centers and feeding the seal raw fish.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the little seal was making movements as if he wanted to nurse,” the longtime girlfriend of New York governor Andrew Cuomo wrote on Facebook with a video of the seal. “I knew he was hungry, weak, and definitely very scared.”

After a few failed attempts at getting a rescue team to come Tuesday because they “can not keep up with the volume of injured and malnourished babies with thousands of calls daily,” Lee updated her followers that representatives from the California Wildlife Center were on their way.

“Seal pup gets four new human mothers!” she wrote. “I love the girls at California Wildlife Center!”

Now, Lee is encouraging others to donate to help save the California sea lions and is matching every dollar given up to $25,000.

She also shared a video thanking those who donated and revealed that the baby seal she saved is being cared for in a facility in San Pedro, California.

“Let’s dwell on making life better for every creature,” she wrote. “Choose a cause and make a difference today and everyday!”

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