Sandra Bullock's Two Dogs Die: 'It's Been a Crappy Few Weeks'

"Any dog that is missing something is welcome in our house," the actress once said of adopting special needs pets

EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock becomes a parent to this three-legged pooch called Poppy
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To say it’s been a tough month for Sandra Bullock would be an understatement. After her father John died in September, the actress told the crowd at the ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration on Monday night that she recently lost two other special family members: dogs Poppy and Ruby.

“It’s been a crappy few weeks,” she said. “My dad died and both of my dogs died, so I don’t feel like being nice!”

In true form she was, though, lovingly roasting honoree Sarah Paulson with jabs about her work ethic, fashion sense and blissful relationship with actress Holland Taylor.

Bullock also mentioned that Paulson sent her poppies after dog Poppy died.

Poppy and Ruby were both extra-special dogs: Ruby had just two legs, Poppy three. Bullock, 54, adopted Poppy, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix who lost a leg in a car accident, with ex-husband Jesse James from the Best Buddies Rescue in Long Beach, California.

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“As soon as Sandra saw her, she thought she was wonderful,” shelter employee Sylvia Gyimesi told PEOPLE at the time. “Too many people are always looking for the perfect pet, but [she’s] the type who doesn’t get caught up in how the dog looks.”

Speaking to PEOPLE in the World’s Most Beautiful issue in 2015, the mom of two said her dogs “have no idea anything is missing. Ruby is missing her front two legs, but she walks upright like we do, and that’s exactly how she goes to the bathroom as well. It’s like watching a drunk sailor.”

Poppy “thinks she’s a pit bull,” she added. “If a man gets within five feet of me, she goes after him. She has no idea she’s only 9 lbs.”

Bullock previously opened up about the pups at the 2010 Golden Globes, joking, “if it has four legs and is perfectly okay, it’s got to have some emotional problems. Any dog that is missing something is welcome in our house.”

To help dogs like Ruby and Poppy, visit Pets with Disabilities and Rolling Dog Farm.

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