We can't get enough of the new pictures and video coming out of the zoo's Cheetah Breeding Center

By Ami Jamieson
Updated February 17, 2016 10:40 PM

The cuteness is almost NSFW (seriously, productivity could reach a new low).

These six cheetah cubs born in November to Addison, a cat in residence at the San Diego Zoo, are growing fast and learning about the world around them — and, clearly, judging by the adorable shot above, learning how to work a camera.

The cubs — four female and two male — are not yet on view at the zoo but are romping around the private Cheetah Breeding Center. We can’t get enough of the new pictures and video coming out of the place, which shows the cuties with their fluffy spots playing with toys and gnawing on logs in their enclosure (the cheetah version of a scratching post).

Addison’s large litter of six, an above average size for cheetah litters, was a big surprise to the zoo when they arrived last fall.

“A radiograph had shown she was definitely carrying three cubs, and possibly a fourth,” said Jillian King, a senior keeper at the center, in a blog on the zoo’s website.

The staff there is working to socialize the cubs, which means more adorable videos and pictures could be in our future (Sorry, boss, work will have to take a backseat).

“This is the first litter we have tried to socialize. It’s challenging with six—they play off of each other and are very active,” King adds. “But we always watch her reaction and base what we do on Addison’s comfort level.”