Officer Andre Thomas lost his yellow Labrador just months prior to finding the dog

By Georgia Slater
November 19, 2019 04:33 PM

A San Diego police officer’s response to a call about a stolen car turned out to be much more memorable than he expected.

On Oct. 7, Officer Andre Thomas was dispatched to investigate a stolen car when he saw something unexpected inside through the window — an abandoned yellow Labrador, the Instagram account The City of San Diego explained in its heartfelt post about Thomas.

He was quickly reminded of his own yellow Lab, Melakai, who died months prior in March. According to the social media post, Melakai was Thomas’ “life-companion who had walked alongside him for over a decade.”

When Thomas was 18 years old, he and Melakai made the move together from Fresno to San Diego. Now, he has served in the San Diego Police Department for four years and patrols the streets of the Central Division.

As police protocol states, Thomas took the stranded dog to the San Diego Humane Society with hopes that his owner would eventually return.

When three weeks passed and nobody came to claim the animal, Thomas decided it was too good to be true.

Despite making a vow to never get another dog after the passing of Melakai, Thomas returned to the humane society to adopt the rescue into his own family.

He named the dog Victor, which the city of San Diego deemed a “name worthy of the adversities the dog had overcome.”

“The two have been best friends ever since,” the caption read.

Viewers who came across the post about Thomas were touched by his experience and commented on the sweetness of his story.

“I’m so happy for them both. Thank God for people like Andre. Victor is one lucky pup,” one user wrote.

Another added, “Thank you for saving this pup! What a great story. Now this pup can have a happy life and can fill your heart up with love after losing your Melakai.”

“This warms my heart so much — it was meant to be. I hope you [have] years of fun and happiness together!!” a third user replied.