The actress says goodbye to the pooch two weeks after trying an experimental treatment for an auto immune disease

Credit: Salma Hayek/Instagram

Salma Hayek believes her dog is in a better place, but that doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.

The actress took to Instagram to memorialize her dog Blue, who died last week following an illness.


“My blue’s body died yesterday,” she wrote on Instagram with a series of photos of the pair in happier times. “I understand he is in a better place but my eyes cry anyway.”

Just two weeks ago, the actress shared that the pup — who was being treated at the Advanced Critical Care of Los Angeles — was going through a health battle but seemed to be doing better.


“I’m so relieved to see my Blue bouncing back from a very rare auto immune disease,” she wrote on Instagram. “They gave me two options: to put him to sleep or try an experimental treatment. I took the chance and his smiles tells us he is happy to still be among us. Thank you everyone at the #hospital.”

Sadly, Blue’s battled ended — another heartbreaking loss for the actress, who lost another dog named Mozart last year when he was shot on her ranch.


Hopefully, she’ll find comfort in her remaining pets, who, as she wrote on Instagram a few months ago, are a constant at home.

“My favorite part about going out,” she shared, “is coming home to my loves.”