Arturo spent 20 years in sweltering captivity after being taken from his natural environment

Credit: Getty

Arturo’s struggle is over.

The animal known as ‘The Saddest Polar Bear on Earth’ has died at the age of 30 this weekend, according to The Mirror.

Arturo earned this depressing title for surviving years inside a tiny, dirty enclosure at Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo, often enduring temperatures over 100 degrees.

In 2012, Arturo’s existence became even lonelier when his mate Pelusa died, leaving him alone in his exhibit.

Following the death of Pelusa, animal rights activists petitioned for the zoo to move Arturo to a colder habitat in Canada, which would be closer to the natural polar environment he was taken from.

Even with the petition and advice from animal experts that Arturo was suffering physically and mentally, keepers decided to keep the bear at the zoo, citing he was too old for a major move.