While Luhu the cat may look sad on the outside, he is happy on the inside
Credit: Maggie Liu/Instagram

Watch out Grumpy Cat, there is a new viral kitty in town.

This adorable fur ball, Luhu, has a permanent sad face due to a developmental defect that he was born with.

Luhu is a five-year-old cat who lives in Beijing, China, with his owner, Maggie Liu. Although his eyes droop and he has a permanent sad frown, this cat is full of life and eager to play with toys and meet new people.

“He’s quite outgoing. He is not shy at all [and] loves to take photos,” Liu tells PEOPLE.

The pair have been together for most of Luhu’s life, who was born in Liu’s best friend’s home and has been with Liu since he was very young.

“When he was two weeks he went to [the] hospital because his eyes, respiratory system and reproductive system [were] born with developmental defects. My friend didn’t have much time to take care of him, so I have [had] him since 3 weeks [after] the hospital,” she said.

Luhu shares his home and owner with two other cats who have the same biological mother but different fathers.

The trio even posed for one of the Instagram pictures on Luhu’s account, @lanlan731, captioned “our happy life.”

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“I think his brothers know [it] was not easy for him to survive, they spoil him.” Liu says. “[Luhu] bullies his brothers at home all the time but they never fight.”

Although Luhu always looks down, he is anything but. He is outgoing and “down to earth.” According to Liu, people often say he is “sad outside, but happy inside.”