Sacramento Firefighter Adopts Pit Bull Puppy Rescued from Debris Fire and Names Him Loki

Loki the pit bull puppy will be joined by big sister Chunk — a blue-nosed American Staffordshire terrier who was also rescued by Sacramento firefighters five years ago 

Firefighter adopts puppy he rescued
Photo: Sacramento Fire Department/Instagram

A firefighter in California is saving the day once again!

Earlier this month, firefighters rescued a pit bull puppy found near a debris fire in North Sacramento. Though officials said the puppy was discovered in the immediate area of the fire, the little dog didn't sustain any serious injuries from the blaze.

After the incident, FOX 40 News reported that the puppy would go to the Front Street Animal Shelter and start the search for a forever family.

This Wednesday, the Sacramento Fire Department posted an exciting video update on Instagram about the canine's future.

In the clip, Mike Thawley, a firefighter with the department, announced he would be adopting the puppy after fostering him from the shelter for the past few weeks.

"He will be adopted, and he will have a big sister named Chunk because Loki will be living with us," firefighter Thawley said.

"We didn't have a name for him, but it came about yesterday, and his name is Loki," he added. "Loki is the Norwegian God of fire."

Similar to Loki, his big sister Chunk, a blue-nosed American Staffordshire terrier, was also rescued by Sacramento firefighters.

"She was rescued about five years ago. My engine crew found her chained to a fence," Thawley explained in the Sacramento Fire Department's Instagram video, which featured shots of siblings Loki and Chunk playing together.

"I did the same thing. Fostered her and then adopted her," Thawley said of Chunk. "She's at home living the life of luxury just like little Loki will be soon too."

Loki, who recently recovered from his neuter surgery, is now ready for his new life.

Thawley, who is an advocate for pit bulls, according to CBS Sacramento, wants everyone to know that pit bulls like Loki are sweet and misunderstood.

"He's a tri-color pit bull mix, a breed that is misunderstood, but definitely one of the most family-friendly and loving breeds out there," Thawley said.

Sacramento firefighters rescued Loki on April 12 after responding to a debris fire under the eastbound Interstate 80 bridge in North Sacramento.

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