Ryan Seacrest Reveals His Dog Georgia Was a Gift from American Idol Creator Simon Fuller

Ryan Seacrest welcomed Georgia into his home in 2014

Ryan Seacrest and dog Georgia. Photo: TWITTER. INSET: GETTY IMAGES

Ryan Seacrest has American Idol creator Simon Fuller to thank for introducing him to his beloved dog, Georgia.

The longtime host, 45, opened up about how he met his canine companion during Thursday's broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan, revealing that the pooch was actually gifted to him by Fuller, 60, as a "first step into daddyhood."

According to Seacrest, Georgia came into his life after many visits to Fuller's home, where the TV producer raised several black Labrador Retrievers.

"I was always over there," Seacrest said, explaining to co-host Kelly Ripa how he was "never a dog person" and "never had a dog of my own" prior to Georgia. "I was at Simon Fuller's house ... watching probably a rerun of American Idol. He kind of looked at me playing with the dogs with that weird look like, 'Huh, you're going to be a dad one day.' "

"Then, a couple of weeks later, a knock on the door and a little tiny, black, beautiful, cute puppy Lab shows up," Seacrest continued.

The Emmy Award winner said the pup came with a note reading, "'Dear Ryan, this is your first step into daddyhood. Love, Simon Fuller.'"

"I just thought that was the sweetest, nicest, kindest thing," he added. "So now, for life, Georgia is my partner."

Seacrest first introduced Georgia to the world back in 2014 during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, joking at the time that he hopes his new furry friend will fill void in his heart left by his past loves.

“I had dogs in relationships, and then they end and the dogs would go,” said Seacrest. “This is my first dog. My very own dog.”

“I’m from the state of Georgia,” he added of Georgia's moniker. “I had the name before I had the dog."

When DeGeneres cautioned him about challenges of raising a puppy, Seacrest quipped, “This is why I worry about commitment. Now you know why I fear it.”

“This is all happening at the right time," he said. "[Now] I've got the dog. ... I think my mother’s expecting grandkids soon, so I’ll name the grandkids, then find the wife."

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