The radio host was struck by the plight of Romeo, a rescue who rescued his owner, too

By Kate Hogan
March 31, 2017 05:33 PM
Credit: Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

Just call him an American Idol.

Recently, a fan called in to Ryan Seacrest’s Tell Me Something Good Segment on his radio show, On Air, telling the story of how her rescue dog Romeo ruptured two ligaments in his hind legs, and the injuries had had devolved into arthritis. With a limp and pain, the vet gave Romeo’s owner Mercedes two options: amputate, or fork over $8,000 for a procedure to fix the issue.

A brokenhearted Seacrest made her decision simple: he said he’d cover the bill for Romeo’s surgeries.

According to the On Air website, Mercedes grew up in the foster care system, and credits Romeo with helping her stay on the straight and narrow.

“I really kind of isolated myself from the world at one point, and he kind of helped me get out of that,” she said. “One day I was watching a TV show and I saw an animal cruelty [commercial] … I was feeling down that week and I looked online and I saw these dogs needed to be rescued. When we got [Romeo], he was very emaciated and he was three weeks old. So we took him in and we bottle fed him.”

Romeo had the first of two surgeries on March 13, and this week, popped into Seacrest’s studio to meet him. The encounter turned into an Instagram lovefest, with Seacrest posting a photo with the cute pup.

Romeo’s second surgery is set for May, at which time we hope for another adorable update from the newfound crew. In the meantime, you can follow Romeo’s journey on Instagram.