The actor makes friends with a giraffe at a wildlife park, and gets more of a smooch than he expected

Ryan Reynolds likes to kiss and tell. And this time, he’s reflecting on a smooch from a stranger – well, a giraffe – at a wildlife park.

“I specifically said, ‘no tongue,’ ” the actor, 38, joked in posting a photo of himself kissing the giraffe – and getting a bit more than he bargained for in return.

The Self/less star, who’s been in his Canadian hometown of Vancouver shooting the latest Marvel comic adaptation Deadpool, also posted a photo of himself with what looks like a giant tortoise.

“This is Brutus,” the Instagram newcomer wrote in the caption. “He’s over 110 years old. He’s telling me his life story. But in real time.”

Reynolds’s Instagram has been quite entertaining since he started posting last week. He followed the animal posts with a selfie next to former NBA star Yao Ming on Tuesday.

“Yes, I look like a children’s toy next to Yao Ming,” he wrote. “But this guy is made of good stuff.”