Ryan Reynolds Is Using His Voice to Help Save Baby Seals

The film, which Reynolds narrates, explains the 50 year battle to save the baby seals of Canada from hunters

Ryan Reynolds is helping filmmakers protect an animal that just may out-cute the Canadian actor: baby seals.

Reynolds, 39, has lent his voice to the documentary Huntwatch, a film that shows the battle to save the baby seals on the Canada ice floes from hunters.

For 50 years, there has been a war between the people killing these young animals for their expensive furs and the activists trying to save the seals from this brutal death.

Huntwatch, narrated by Reynolds, shows both sides of the fight and how it has escalated from animals rights work to a stand-off that has gotten dirty on both sides.

Using footage dating back to 1969, the documentary intimately explains how the seal industry has transformed from respected job to cruel practice.

Huntwatch Trailer from Huntwatch on Vimeo.

Huntwatch will premiere at DOC NYC on Nov. 14.

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