The Lincoln Lawyer star brings a smile to his boy's injured face

Ryan Phillippe has been spotted around town walking with a handsome dog, and it turns out, the dog is a new addition to his family!

The Lincoln Lawyer star was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday and brought up his son with Reese Witherspoon, 7-year-old Deacon. In the past year at school, Deacon has experienced a series of mishaps that are starting to seem suspiciously like they aren’t accidental.

“He’s had a fractured leg, fractured arm, separated shoulder, and most recently and currently, a busted lip,” the actor said, suggesting that there might be a bully at school. “He’s been kind of down, so this weekend, spontaneously, we adopted a dog. We went to a rescue in downtown L.A.”

Phillippe shared a photo of Deacon resting his head on top of the new dog and said, “Here’s him looking happier.”

“Well, that’s nice!” Kimmel replied. “And then this dog will attack the other children at school for bothering him, I hope?”

“Hopefully,” Phillippe said.