The police department in Johnston, Rhode Island, believes that the donkey escaped from a small residential farm

By Morgan Smith
June 08, 2021 04:28 PM
Credit: Getty

Residents of a small Rhode Island town are questioning their luck while looking for a donkey that escaped from a local farm earlier this week - nearly four months after a runaway steer evaded capture in the same town. 

In Johnston, Rhode Island, police first became aware of the missing donkey on Sunday night after multiple residents spotted the animal wandering alongside a busy road. 

"I learned that the donkey basically escaped from a small residential farm on the Johnston/Scituate line," Joseph Razza, the Johnston police chief, told local TV station NBC 10 WJAR. "The animal was being offloaded and basically got away from its handler."

Ed Plasse told NBC 10 WJAR he spotted the donkey early Monday morning as he drove down a local road. 

"He cut right in front of me. I almost hit him," he said. "I turned my truck around, and I got him out of the middle of the road, and coaxed him off to the side and kept going the same speed as him, and he was just running along the breakdown lane."

Razza said the donkey is cream-colored and medium-sized and is likely a female donkey, also known as a "jenny" or "jennet," according to NBC 10 WJAR.

The police chief is encouraging locals to stay alert while driving and not to approach the donkey if they see it. 

"It's described as a domesticated animal but not very tamed," he told NBC 10 WJAR. "So I would just keep your distance. Call the police. Call the Johnston Police or the Scituate Police if it's somewhere in that area, and we'll take care of it in a professional manner."

A representative from the Johnston Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that the donkey still has not been found on Tuesday afternoon. 

This isn't the first time Johnston has dealt with a wily, runaway animal either - in February, a 1,500-pound steer escaped on its way to a slaughterhouse and spent nearly two months evading capture in Johnston.

"Here we go again," Joseph Polisena, the mayor of Johnston, told local radio station WPRO on Monday. The mayor added that he was concerned about the donkey possibly causing a car crash.