Shelter dogs in Denver were given free makeovers to celebrate Rover adding grooming services to their website

By Kelli Bender
October 10, 2019 04:36 PM
Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

Every dog deserves to look and feel their best, especially canines in shelters, who want to put their best paw forward to attract potential pet parents.

In celebration of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and some news of their own, Rover treated a group of lucky pups from Maxfund, an animal adoption center in Denver, to stylish free makeovers — complete with before-and-after glamour shots taken by Wag Your Tail Photography.

Rover, an online destination for booking pet care services, recently introduced new in-home grooming services in Denver. Now, Denver residents can use to book a pet groomer that comes right to their home.

Pet owners can skip the stressful process of hauling their stressed pet to the groomers, and instead opt for a professional to come to their home, set up their pop-up salon and clean up any mess before they leave – all in a space where a pet feels safe.

Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

All of Rover’s grooming options include a cut, bath, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming and gland expression. Prices for the service vary based on the pet’s breed and size.

Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

Obviously Rover’s group of groomers know what they are doing. The groomers who made over the Maxfund mutts, transformed the precious pooches from scruffy sweethearts to stunning cuties.

Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

“It was an incredible experience today giving these adoptable dogs the makeover they deserve,” said Tavia Starling, a Denver-based groomer on “There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping a dog go from a ‘before’ to an ‘after,’ which can really help them find not just their own true potential, but their forever home as well.”

Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

Shelter employee know how important a little love and a haircut can be to these canines who are waiting to find their perfect forever families.

Wag Your Tail Photography via Rover

“Just a simple bath and a nail trim can make all the difference in helping dogs to find their forever home,” Alexa Beale, volunteer coordinator with MaxFund, said. “Seeing a few of our adoptable dogs completely transformed by the Rover groomers today was incredibly heartwarming and I can’t wait to see who brings them home.”

To learn more about Rover and their grooming services in Denver, visit their website. And for anyone who thinks their future pet is among these dapper dogs, visit MaxFund’s website to learn more about adopting a pet.