Just in Time for Valentine's Day, Survey Shows Dog Ownership Deepens Our Romantic Relationships

Rover.com found that owning a dog with your partner can promote effective communication and responsible problem solving

Couple with dog
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It’s obvious, dogs make many people happier. But now there is evidence that dogs make us happier with other people too.

Rover.com, an online pet care services provider, recently released their The Anatomy of Dog Love Report, which analyzes data from their expansive network of pet care providers.

What Rover.com found is that owning a dog can positively affect our relationships with other people. According to their findings, 56% of the dog owners in relationships surveyed by Rover for the report said that having a pooch means they spend more quality time with their partner. Out of that same group, 71% said that they are more attracted to their partner after seeing them care for their dog.

In addition to these puppy love perks, Rover also found that caring for a dog with your partner can help you communicate effectively, problem solve responsibly and re-think stereotypical gender roles.

This gives dog-owning couples going into Valentine’s Day even more to celebrate. For those dog owners looking for love, Rover has good news for you too. According to the report, 72% of those surveyed said they were more likely to click on a dating profile if there’s a dog in the picture.

To get the full low down on dog love and how it affects you, read Rover’s The Anatomy of Dog Love Report.

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