The Round Animals Twitter account has been around since 2011, but the movement is just picking up steam

By Saryn Chorney
January 17, 2018 01:53 PM
Close-Up Of Pomeranian Puppy On Chair
Credit: Yulia Lerner/EyeEm/Getty

Fat shaming is a cruel, but popular, pastime in the human world. Not so in today’s pet world.

Judging by the growing popularity of the Round Animals account on Twitter, pleasantly plump is the way to be in 2018 if you want a slew of new Internet fans. To be clear, the exact terminology is “round boy,” and it comes in many breeds, species, textures and sizes.

The A.V. Club recently called attention to the trend, and now people can’t get enough.

Cats, dogs, rabbits, raccoons, chinchillas, hedgehogs, hamsters …

… even less furry, yet spherical creatures are included in this celebration of “the round life.”

Of course, very good boys (and girls) of the canine variety are always a fan favorite.

The Round Animals Twitter account — purveyors of the ideal “round boy” shape — has been around (hehe) for just over a month, and already it has given new meaning to the phrase “world wide web.”

And it makes total sense. Love makes the world go ’round, after all. (And round makes the world fall in love, duh.)

We see you 2018 — the shape of things to come is most definitely round and, in some cases, rotund. Cheers!

Cheers, round boys (and girls).

And sweet dreams.