Weeks after saying goodbye to her beloved dog Nicky, the comedian and her family welcome a 4-month-old teacup Yorkie named Binky

On Friday, filming for her new TV show Bomb Girls couldn’t wrap soon enough for Rosie O’Donnell, who was eager to go home to her newest family member.

“Leaving toronto – heading home to meet my new puppy – see my wife and kids –,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am so happy and I love feeling so good #gratitudealways.”

The comedian and her family welcomed a 4-month old teacup Yorkie named Binky, who has no doubt helped ease the loss of their dog, Nicky, who died last month from old age.

Binky joins the family’s two other dogs: playful Roxy and Missy, who is still warming to the idea of having a new pup in the house.

It took just a few hours for O’Donnell to bond with her new bundle of joy (all 1.5-lbs. of her!).

“Just me [and] the cutest puppy in the world,” she Tweeted Friday, with a photo of the pint-size pup popping out of her son’s boot. “And she’s mine.”