Romeo the Sehuencas water frog is the last known member of his species

By Kelli Bender
February 09, 2018 04:42 PM
Credit: Courtesy Match/Global Wildlife Conservation

People often tell those who are looking for love that there are “plenty of fish in the sea.”

But for Romeo the Sehuencas water frog, that is not the case. The male amphibian is the last known living member of his species. That means his dating pool is a big, fat zero. is hoping to change that. The online dating site has partnered with Global Wildlife Conservation and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative to end Romeo’s decade-long dry spell.

The lone frog, native to the cloud forests of Bolivia, has a profile on where he is raising money to help find his Juliet. Match and GWC are aiming to raise $15,000 to fund 10 expedition teams. These teams would go out and scour areas that used to be bountiful with Sehuencas water frogs in hopes of finding an overlooked female to set up with Romeo.

Credit: Courtesy Match/Global Wildlife Conservation

“When biologists collected Romeo ten years ago, we knew the Sehuencas water frog, like other amphibians in Bolivia, was in trouble, but we had no idea we wouldn’t be able to find a single other individual in all this time,” said Arturo Muñoz, founder of the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative and GWC associate conservation scientist. “Romeo started to call for a mate about a year after he was brought into captivity, but those calls have slowed in the last few years. We don’t want him to lose hope, and we continue to remain hopeful that others are out there so we can establish a conservation breeding program to save this species.”

Credit: Courtesy Match/Global Wildlife Conservation

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Those who are feeling this frog’s plight can donate to his love journey on his Match profile. Match and GWC will match every donation made from now until Valentine’s Day. The funds will go to supplying the expedition teams with the equipment they will need to locate the perfect mate for our little webbed-toed man, and to keeping his species off the extinction list.

With a little luck, Romeo’s plight could become comeback love story of the year.