Keep your furry friend close even when you’re far away

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 15, 2011 01:00 PM

Pet parents are thankful for the joy that our animals bring us each day, and while we’d like to spend all day with them, for many of us, life’s cruel reality is that we have to leave them at home in order to provide for them. There’s a way to carry their spirit with you wherever you go: handmade jewelry inspired by the furry family at home.

California-based pet products company Rockin’ Doggie has just released a new collection – 10 sterling silver pendants and three rings – that celebrate the relationships we have with our pets. Engraveable paw-print, bone and heart charms inscribed with phrases like “Forever Loved,” “True Love,” and “My Best Friend,” keep your furbabies close even when you’re a long commute away. And reasonable prices ($48-$66) mean that you don’t have to take a second job to afford them.

Our favorite design is the “Always in My Heart” ring – glance at it as you type away at work and know that your pet forgives you for not always being there, but definitely expects a cut of your salary!