June 06, 2017 01:43 PM


Rocco couldn’t make like a tree and leave.

You see, the small dachshund was found trapped inside a tree trunk in Salem, Kentucky, on Thursday, and it took a handful of dedicated rescuers to get him out.

Kentucky State Police Sergeant Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan first heard the dog barking from a wooded area and came upon Rocco after several minutes of looking.

Kentucky State Police

“The dog had gotten inside the tree through a nearby groundhog hole and was unable to get out,” said a press release shared on the Kentucky State Police’s Facebook page.

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Getting the hot dog out of the hole was no easy task. Troopers looked to the Salem Fire Department for help but initial attempts to free him were unsuccessful.

Kentucky State Police

Freedom came when Salem Firefighter Daniel Newcomb cut part of the tree and Rocco wiggled out.

The pooch was returned to his owner, the release said, and the tree’s opening was made larger so other furry friends won’t find themselves stuck there in the future.

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