Instead, Bear “just kind of got stunted,” the Twilight star tells Ellen DeGeneres

By People Staff
November 10, 2012 03:00 PM

Robert Pattinson knows how to handle a curveball, but arrested development? That’s a different story.

When he adopted rescue puppy Bear from a Louisiana shelter, the Twilight star expected the dog to grow … and keep growing.

“He was supposed to be a big man’s dog,” Pattinson explains on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Friday’s episode. “But he just kind of got stunted.”

That hasn’t stopped Bear from getting lots of love. “I’m obsessed,” exclaims costar Taylor Lautner, who joined Pattinson for the talk show appearance.

And let’s not forget Bear’s other owner, Kristen Stewart, who so adores the pooch that she refers to him as her child.

“Is his tongue too long for his mouth or something?” DeGeneres asks while looking at Bear’s picture. “It’s like a Gene Simmons dog.”

“It’s like a curtain,” Pattinson says.

The intense scrutiny that comes with the belonging to one of the world’s most famous couples comes with perks. Bear was once on a euthanasia list, and he went from there to flying on private jets.

“We were staying at the Four Seasons afterward,” Pattinson explains. “He didn’t have any dog food so I got him a little plate of prosciutto.”