Robert Irwin, who is the son of late Crocodile Hunter host Steve Irwin, has continued his father's legacy by working at the Australia Zoo
robert irwin alligator
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Robert Irwin's animal friend is on the move!

On Tuesday, the Crikey! It's the Irwins star, 17, shared a video of Sanchez — one of the American alligators living in the Australia Zoo — being transported to his to new habitat.

In the clip, the alligator can be seen gazing out the window from behind a moving truck.

"We moved Sanchez the alligator across Australia Zoo to a beautiful, newly renovated billabong - I think he enjoyed the ride," Robert wrote alongside the video, which was posted on Twitter.

His mother, Terri Irwin, also got a kick out of the reptile's ride.

"I love him watching out the window like a cute puppy dog!" she tweeted back.

Alongside his mother and his sister, Bindi Irwin, Robert — who is the son of late Crocodile Hunter host Steve Irwin — has continued his father's legacy by running the Australia Zoo and traveling the world to protect and celebrate animals.

Steve tragically died in September 2006 after a stingray pierced his heart with its barb off the coast of Australia while filming a documentary. He was 44.

"It's in my DNA, and it's what I've been born to do," Robert recently told PEOPLE of his passion for wildlife. "My dad will always be my greatest inspiration and he is first and foremost the reason why I care and the reason why I do what I do — to continue that legacy that he started."

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"A lot of people saw my dad and thought of our family — particularly him — as this crazy, larger than life, enthusiastic, boots-and-all 100 mph guy, which he was," he shared. "But he was also an incredibly scientific person. He was given an honorary professorship by the University of Queensland for his devotion to science."

"It's something that carries down, what my dad said to me at a very early age: Treat everyone you encounter in your life how you would wish to be treated and that really is what sparked, from my little 2-year-old self, that passion."

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According to Robert, he carries that sentiment for all creatures of the world — including the dangerous ones his dad had loved.

"We've got to love crocodiles the same as we love koalas," he explained, referring to some of Australia's iconic wildlife. "You can't go up to a croc and give it a hug — you can do that with a koala. But it doesn't mean that a croc's any less important. It's exactly the same in any form of life — everyone deserves to be cared for and have that sense of kindness. That was the most important life lesson. Treat every animal [as] you wish to be treated."