The Matchbox 20 frontman's pooch Samy gets giddy when the musician hits the road

By Rennie Dyball
Updated November 18, 2009 07:15 PM

When Rob Thomas hits the road on tour, his Pomerianian Samy is tops on the packing list. “It’s just great,” says Thomas of road trips with his pet. And the excitement starts before they depart from their Westchester, N.Y., home.

“When he sees the bus pull up to the house, he freaks out, jumping up and down and when you open the door he runs straight to the bus,” says the singer, currently on his Cradlesong tour.

Thomas, also the Matchbox 20 frontman, says his vehicle has all the comforts of home. “When we park, there’s a slide-out, so it’s like having a full-size living room in there,” he says. “My wife and I learned from Willie Nelson–he takes his bus home and stays on the bus because it’s so comfortable in there!”

No complaints from Samy either, or from Thomas’s wife, Marisol for that matter. “My wife isn’t somebody that you’d meet and think, ‘This is a bus girl,’ ” he says with a laugh. “But once when we were home, out of nowhere, she goes, ‘You know? I miss the bus.’ I was like, ‘You’re the greatest woman on the face of the earth!’ “

Clearly, he’s got a pretty great pup along for the ride as well.