The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia couple found the stray dog on a freeway in Los Angeles

By Katie Campione
April 23, 2021 08:52 PM
rob mcelhenney
Credit: rob mcelhenney/instagram. Inset: getty

A Los Angeles family is thanking their lucky stars this week after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson helped reunite them with their lost dog!

McElhenney, 44, chronicled a sweet journey on social media this week after he and wife Olson, 45, found a stray dog in L.A. and ended up bringing him back to his family.

On Thursday, McElhenney posted a photo of the dog — which appears to be a pitbull mix — on social media, writing that Olson had found the pup on the freeway.

"This handsome guy was found on the 5 Freeway by @KaitlinOlson," McElhenney wrote on Twitter. "He's got short legs and a giant head so we're thinking of calling him: "Frank". Thoughts?"

After taking the dog to the vet and finding out he didn't have a microchip, the couple initially wanted to name him Brad Pitt because he is "so damn beautiful," but eventually settled on Frank Reynolds — a reference to Danny DeVito's character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia because the dog's "legs are so small and his head is so big."

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However, the pup wasn't a Brad or a Frank at all! His real name is Chance, and — as McElhenney and Olson soon learned — his owners were desperately searching for him.

McElhenney said on his Instagram Stories that a woman named Helen Pitts, who runs a reunification organization for lost animals, helped the family find Chance.

rob mcelhenney
Credit: rob mcelhenney/instagram
rob mcelhenney
Credit: rob mcelhenney/instagram
rob mcelhenney
Credit: rob mcelhenney/instagram

"His owners were crying when we spoke with them and have been desperately looking for him," McElhenney wrote. "He'll be home today!!!"

The actor-producer then shared an adorable video of the family reuniting with Chance, which showed three kids running out a front door to hug their furry friend after McElhenney and Olson brought the pup up to the house.

In the video, Chance wags his tail excitedly as he runs to greet the kids, clearly so happy to be home.

"Social media may be ripping apart the fabric of our society but...sometimes it's pretty great," McElhenney wrote on his Instagram Stories.