Roar! Baby Lion Cubs Make Their Debut in Virginia

Nearly 4-month-old siblings Ajani, Razi, Dakari and Zarin are introduced to the public at the Virginia Zoo

There was a little rumble in the jungle at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday when four baby lion cubs were introduced to the public! Siblings Ajani, Razi, Dakari and Zarina made their official debut nearly four months after they were born. For now, the cubs will be on display with their mother Zola from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily, and will spend the rest of their days in the den with her. Their father Mramba will then entertain zoo visitors in the afternoons.

Zookeepers report that Zola has bonded well with her cubs, birthing and raising them all on her own. She’ll continue to look after them, though eventually the Association of Zoos and Aquariums may choose to move the lions to different zoos to aid in exhibits and breeding programs.

For now, the little guys – and girl! – are taking their newfound fame in stride. Ajani – nicknamed “A-jumbo” due to his plump size – has emerged as the dominant cub, always winning when the babies play games together. Zarina, the lone female, is much quieter, and enjoys sticking her tongue out at the others. All four cubs reportedly love to growl, hiss and swat while tumbling and roughhousing together. Sounds like typical sibling rivalry to us!

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