The tiny baby, who was separated from its mother, will be hand raised until it's ready to go back into the wild

By Amy Jamieson
Updated January 13, 2017 10:35 AM
Courtesy Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Oscar never pictured himself in this predicament.

The kitty from Australia was minding his own business on Tuesday when a tiny ringtail possum put his arms around him — and wouldn’t let go.

According to the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, a local accountant went into his backyard after hearing the cat “meowing madly” and found the possum holding tightly to the feline’s neck. The infant possum, whose story was first reported by Australia’s 9 News, was separated from its mother and had “jumped aboard Oscar the cat for warmth and company.”

Although Oscar wasn’t ready to be a father, he was gentle and didn’t hurt the tiny baby, said Meg Rayner of the fire brigade.

“Oscar’s owner delicately removed the possum and called the 24-hour vet in Essendon for advice. They asked him to bring the possum in to be checked out,” she said.

The cat’s owner brought the possum to the vet in a towel and shoebox where it was put in a pouch to keep warm until it gets a little older.

“My colleague followed up with the vet today who said all is going very well,” said Rayner. “They found a carer for it who will pick it up today and look after it until its ready to go back to the wild.”

While its sex is still unknown, one thing is very clear: this kiddo loves mangoes and strawberries! And Oscar is just happy he’s free from possum hugs.