December 29, 2009 06:48 PM

It would seem the world of calendars has something for everyone: inspirational quotes, scantily-clad women draped over European sports cars, high-definition nature photos. To Audrey Khuner, however, something was missing: sexy dudes holding fluffy animals.

One day in November, the idea came to her, and Khuner, a copywriter in San Francisco, rushed to bring her calendar concept to life. With the help of her business partner, Carolyn Newman, her professional photographer father, Eliot Khuner, a host of models found on Craigslist, and lots and lots of cute shelter animals, Khuner put together the calendar she never knew she’d always wanted: Hot Guys and Baby Animals.

Khuner says the calendar is the nexus of what straight women and gay men love to look at – but she has received a few criticisms regarding what some view as the objectification of men (ahem, what about the baby animals?).

“What I was really trying to bring out was the interaction between the models and the animals to make it more human,” Khuner tells “I think instead of seeing the models as, ‘Oh, there’s someone that I want to have sex with” it’s more ‘somebody I’d like to hang out with,’ because
you can see the tenderness between the man and the animal. All that being said, if it does objectify the men, I’m okay with that, too.”

So far, the project has been a success. Turns out chicks (the feathery kind) dig sinewy shoulder muscles, and blue-eyed mutts can’t get enough of bonding time with handsome men. Khuner, a rookie in this entrepreneurial effort, has been learning through trial-and-error, but the calendar broke even despite being pulled together last-minute. She is now donating the profits to the rescues that helped her on the shoots, and plans to broaden the business for next year’s holiday season.

Best of all? There was a happy ending for two of her subjects, the pin-ups pictured above. The pup found a forever home with his modeling buddy, Mr. March! “It was really cute, because they look really good together, too.”

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