Rhode Island Zoo Welcomes Baby Two-Toed Sloth After Difficult Delivery

Mom Fiona and her baby "needed emergency care and a lot of extra help" during the birth

Hang in there! A Rhode Island zoo has some very exciting sloth news that is sure to brighten your day.

On Monday, Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence announced the birth of a baby Linne's two-toed sloth, born to parents Fiona and Welsey on May 13.

"This is such thrilling news," Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the zoo's executive director, said in a statement via local station WPRI. "We have been monitoring Fiona's progress since mid-autumn, and to see this little healthy sloth was exciting for all of us at the Zoo."

According to the zoo's announcement on social media, while Fiona birthed a healthy baby, her delivery process was very difficult.

Rhode Island Zoo sloth
Rhode Island Zoo/ Twitter

"Fiona and her baby had a hard delivery and needed emergency care and a lot of extra help," the zoo shared on Facebook and Twitter, alongside a video of the strenuous birth."Veterinarians and animal care staff manually assisted with the birth when it was clear that Fiona was not able to make additional progress."

The park explained that the newborn sloth was not moving at first, but, after being warmed, the baby began to respond.

"Today mom and baby are doing well but will require lots of continual love and care," the zoo continued. "Thank you to our incredible team for all that they do."

On Tuesday, the zoo shared an update on the new arrival, noting that the baby is "alert and active."

"Weighing at just less than 1.5 lbs, her baby is quite large compared to other newborn sloths," the zoo explained, adding, "daily weight checks and close monitoring by our animal care and vet staff ensure mom and baby are thriving during this critical time."

According to WPRI, the baby will soon join Fiona and Wesley's habitat at the zoo's Faces of the Rainforest exhibit.

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