The woman said she left the cats outside the restaurant because local shelters wouldn't take the animals
Credit: Coventry Police Department

Drive-thrus offer convenience, but one woman went too far.

A Coventry, Rhode Island, cat owner allegedly decided to abandoned her two felines at the drive thru of a local Taco Bell.

According to, cameras at the fast food restaurant captured footage of two people arriving at the Taco Bell drive-thru, stepping out of their car with two cat carriers and placing the carriers on the grass outside the restaurant. After setting down the cats, the pair returned to their vehicle, ordered food and drove off, leaving the animals behind.

After the pets and incriminating footage were discovered, the Coventry Police Department dispersed screen grabs from the videos in hopes of identifying those involved in this cruel act.

On Saturday, the police received an anonymous tip, identifying both individuals in the security camera footage. One of the names given was Stacey Derouin. Authorities contacted Derouin, 41, who willingly came down to the station and admitted to abandoning the cats with a male counterpart. She told police she chose to leave the felines there after several animal shelters refused to take in the pets.

As a result of her confession, Derouin was charged with two counts of animal abandonment from a motor vehicle and will go to court on Feb. 8. The woman was also charged with not vaccinating her cats against rabies, which will require an appearance in Municipal Court.

Both of the cats were found and removed from the Taco Bell. The pets are now in the care of Coventry Animal Control and appear to be in good health.