A sharp-eyed 10-year-old girl found the dog on her porch and had it back to its owners that same day

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 27, 2016 05:46 PM
Credit: Go Fund Me

The gift the Ryan family received on Christmas Eve was so much better than anything waiting under the tree.

The Rhode Island family was reunited with their dog, Kacy (above, right), who’d disappeared following a hit-and-run. “My heart is so full right now,” Linda Ryan told NBC 10.

According to the station, Thomas Ryan was walking Kacy and the family’s other dog Angus on Dec. 15 when they were all hit by a car. Angus broke his leg; Kacy went running.

While Thomas was able to get the license plate number of the car as it drove away — and the driver was later apprehended and charged — he couldn’t find his beloved pup. But nine days later, 10-year-old Amya Oliver noticed a dog on her porch and told her parents, who discovered it was in fact Kacy.

At the time, Thomas was celebrating Christmas Eve at his niece’s home. “I got a phone call from the Warwick Police Department. They asked me if I believe in Christmas miracles and I said, ‘Yes, I do,’ ” Thomas recalled to NBC 10. “They said, ‘A lady on Jefferson Street has your dog.’ ”

Linda headed right to the scene, where Kacy, albeit with a slight limp, was waiting happily. “I opened the door and Kacy was so excited to see me,” Linda said. “She was wagging her tail and kissing me.”

Though it’s great news for the family, Angus is still suffering from his injuries, and faces a $7,500 surgery. So the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs. However, he’s received quite the spirit boost from Kacy’s return.

“Angus is doing a little bit better now that Kacy’s home,” Thomas said. Added Linda: “He started wagging his tail and walking around. It was the most activity he’s done in more than a week.”