Lamak Sheikh/Caters News
December 07, 2018 04:27 PM

This photo bomb is rated PG-13.

According to Caters News Agency, a highway maintenance worker got an eyeful when he went to take pictures in Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

Lamak Sheikh recently stopped to take a few photos of the Nairobi skyline and a group of rhinos standing in front of the vista. With Sheikh going about his business, the rhinos started to go about theirs.

“It was lunchtime when I was driving to a picnic site to take my siesta and saw these white rhinos mating,” the worker told Caters, calling the creatures “gentle behemoths.” “It was another lucky day in my time at the Nairobi National Park”

Two white rhinos mating is a welcomed sight for conservationists as well, since white rhinos are listed as Near Threatened by the ICUN Red List.

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