Turn that perma-frown upside down

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 15, 2016 04:51 PM

Grumpy Cat may have found a worthy competitor for the title of “Most Beloved Feline on the Internet.”

Meet Rey, she stands on the opposite end of the personality spectrum from Grumpy Cat. Instead of always wearing a perma-frown, this 6-month-old kitten can’t stop smiling. Amongst her bountiful fur you can always spot a little grin, and she has the affectionate personality to match.

Jenni Colborn

Jenni Colborn adopted Rey after an impromptu visit to a local shelter. Colborn was just planning to “look” but was won over by the kitten’s friendly face and knew the feline needed to be part of the family.

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After bringing the kitten home, Colborn and her husband decided to name her Rey after the kick butt heroine of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Wanting to share Rey’s upside down frown with the world, her owners started the Instagram account @coen.ava.rey to share pictures of the kitten and their two other cats with family and friends.

Jenni Colborn

The Internet instantly swooned over this Anti Grumpy Cat, with the account quickly surpassing family and friends, attracting over 9,000 followers so far.

Jenni Colborn

“She knows when she needs to smile and pose for the camera, she’s such a little ham!,” Colborn told PEOPLE in an email. “She also loves to watch herself on the internet and TV, not vain at all!”

Fame may have given this “Smiley Cat” a few diva-like tendencies, but underneath that smirk she is still the same adoring shelter kitten.