Spray remedy gets to the root of any pet’s unpleasant gaseous emissions

By Janet Kinosian
Updated October 15, 2010 01:53 PM

It’s an issue most dog owners deal with at one time or another – those unpleasant gaseous emissions. My dog, Luther, a Dalmatian and lab mix, is one of the foremost flatulence offenders.

Luther’s carrot, lettuce, and cucumber cravings are legendary. But, as a veterinarian friend once told me, “He’s a good boy to be eating all his fruits and vegetables. Just remember, however, that it means he’ll have lots and lots of gas!”

Indeed. I needed something that would counteract the nasty aromas coming from both ends of my gassy pup. So when I found Happy Tails’ Dog Smog Remedy ($14 for a 7.6 oz. bottle), a breath freshener and digestive aid in spray form, it had Luther’s name all over it. In fact, the name itself made the product too good to pass up; who doesn’t enjoy a bit of adolescent, scatological humor now and then?

Made of natural aromatherapy ingredients, including fennel for improved digestion and dill to soothe the stomach, Dog Smog also had a host of plant-based enzymes such as papain and bromelain – plus parsley, ginger, grapefruit seed, peppermint, spearmint, goldenseal, sage, marshmallow, celery and papaya. Happy Tails co-founder Lorna Paxton, a certified aromatherapist, created the cleansing brew.

To tackle his dog breath, I began by squirting the spray into Luther’s mouth six times twice a day. It apparently tastes great, because each time I come near him with the bottle he does that funny doggie lick with his tongue – you know, the one that says, “Mmmm. Something yummy is on the horizon!” I also sprayed it into his indoor and outdoor water bowls.

It took a few weeks of consistent use, but eventually I noticed a definite improvement in the indoor air quality. Dog Smog Remedy can really quell the smell quite well – especially at night, when those gaseous odors can swirl around the bed.

Happy Tails Canine Spa Line sells its products to more than 3,000 high-end boutiques and dog stores in 19 countries worldwide. Dog Smog Remedy is also available through the company’s website.

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