The patented honeycomb surface dulls sharp edges

By Amy Jamieson
Updated December 16, 2009 07:01 AM

The weekly task of clipping my feline’s nails is a dangerous dance: I sneakily try to snip them as he’s purring happily on my lap, and he quickly morphs into Edward Scissor-paws and leaves scratches all over my fingers and hands.

So, while he was sitting with me at my computer one day, I spied an online ad for the Emery Cat – it’s a new cat scratcher made of corrugated cardboard with a little something extra: a patented honeycomb coating that files a cat’s nails like a real emery board. It seemed like the perfect solution.

For $29.95, I received two scratchers, an enticing feather toy attached to them and a bonus de-shedding brush. The scratchers were essentially useless without the promised packet of catnip, which for some reason never arrived. So, after an unappreciated trip to the pet store, I was ready to introduce it to my cat.

First, I placed it in the middle of the room just to see how said kitty would react. He was more compelled to roll on top of it because of the irresistible catnip smell. But when I swapped it in place of his regular scratcher, that’s when he started to use it.

I inspected his nails and noticed that the sharp edges were actually duller. Used in conjunction with frequent nail clipping, as difficult as that may be, the Emery Cat is a helpful tool. Now when he goes in for a swipe, there are definitely less battle scars!