Buckarooz's new line of velvety antlers shed by deer makes canine mouths happy

My French bulldog Lucy has allergies to just about everything out there, which makes giving her treats and toys a challenge. Even though she is dying to chomp on rawhide or the dental bones we see at the pet store, I feel bad because I can’t buy them for her.

So, I was excited to hear about Buckarooz premium deer antlers, a new line of velvety chews that are all-natural antler shed by Rocky Mountain deer as they prepare for new ones to grow. Not only are they great for my dog and long-lasting, but they make use out of something that has already been “discarded” naturally by animals. It’s like recycling nature!

When I first gave her the antler , she walked around it, sniffed it a bit and then dove right in. For the next twenty minutes, nothing else in the world existed but that antler. She picked it up and found a new spot to take it and chewed on it some more. She was happy to have something new to play with, and I was happy to know that it was made of the most natural ingredients: calcium and minerals.

Make sure you keep an eye on your dog while they chew on the bones, so you can get rid of any small pieces that may get bitten off, but know that your pooch is chomping on something that is pure as can be. Happy chewing!