September 07, 2010 03:11 PM

I’m a city girl who lives in an apartment with a boyfriend and a dog – so things get messy (hello, paw prints!). I have high standards for cleanliness, which means that sometimes I need to seek the help of heavy-duty cleaning agents. But that isn’t necessarily good for my dog. Or me, for that matter.

So I was eager to try the new line of PawSafe products, which were made with precious puppies like mine in mind. PawSafe offers several different kinds of cleaners, all made of natural, plant-based formulas – with no harsh chemicals involved.

There’s a multi-surface variety, something for the toilet, something for the floor and, most important, something for the windows. I tried each of them, while my little girl padded around right behind me. The verdict? Mixed. Some of the cleaners were great – they really cut through the grease and worked the way I like my products to work. A few others, not so much.

PawSafe Multi-Surface Cleaner
This is my favorite. I use it for just about everything. The smell is fantastic and totally void of a chemical odor, which is important to me. The best part is that I don’t have to panic if the puppy tries to lick it up after I’ve just used it! It does the job, breaking up grease on my kitchen counter tops, and if I do use it as a glass cleaner, it’s streak-free.

PawSafe Toilet Cleaner
This one didn’t impress me. I have my limits when it comes to getting too close to the toilet, which is why I like cleaning agents that work their magic on their own. The PawSafe Toilet Cleaner required that I really get in there to scrub along with it, and that wasn’t really working for me.

PawSafe Tub & Tile Cleaner
Great smell, but it still left a lot of soap scum behind. I had to scrub really hard to get any residue off of my tub.

PawSafe Window Cleaner
To be honest, once I started using the Multi-Surface Cleaner, I didn’t have reason to reach for the Window Cleaner. But the few times I did use it, I was impressed. The cleaner got rid of dirt and grease on the window and it left a streak-free finish.

My favorite of all the products I tried was definitely the Multi-Surface Cleaner. It’s a great sanitizer, and I prefer having to carry one bottle over three. I’ll be using it again in my home soon; my puppy (not to mention the city soot) force me to clean on a regular basis!

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