March 12, 2010 12:45 PM

Understanding life from an animal’s point of view can be tough for us bumbling, insensitive humans. What sound frequencies might bother my dog hardly ever crossed my selfish mind, so thank goodness for Pet Acoustics, a company that has designed a beautiful home speaker system that works for you and your pets.

My Pet Speaker ($249.95) was created with animals’ acute hearing in mind, so it generates fewer frequencies than a traditional sound system might. Music gets dispersed in 360 degrees and the bass doesn’t get too loud for their little ears.

The speaker’s sound is perfectly functional – but it’s not going to give you a mind-blowing aural experience, so no bumpin’ Saturday night house parties with this, sorry.

I can’t tell you how it affected my dog, since Ethel doesn’t seem to be bothered by any kind of noise – she might lift her head and blink slowly to indicate she’ll be going back to sleep in 3, 2, 1 … but that’s about it. My Pet Speaker definitely didn’t disturb her, and it gave me comfort to think that the speaker’s design was keeping her in mind, too.

Aesthetically, the speaker is quite pleasing. You can tell the designers wanted to make something modern and handsome, and they mostly succeeded. There’s an unfortunately-placed logo at the top of the speaker that breaks up an otherwise sleek look, but the rest is inoffensive.

The other quibble I have with My Pet Speaker is that the controls are on the back of the speaker, while the dock for the music device is on the front. The intention was to keep pets from coming into contact with the buttons, but really, the only effect of the placement is to annoy the human user.

My Pet Speaker is available for pre-order through the Pet Acoustics online store or Amazon. For those who think $250 is too steep a price to pay, no matter how precious your pet’s hearing, check out the Pet Acoustics iPhone app, which is $1.99 on iTunes.

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