The Dyson DC28 Animal vacuum cleaner tackles hair (and more!) from the furriest of family members


For my cats, the new Dyson DC28 Animal vacuum is like a Decepticon, the red-eyed robot enemy in the movie Transformers. The space-age machine sits quietly in the corner of our spare room and then, without warning, mutates from a stationary figure into a booming force that rolls through our apartment, sending any furry creatures in its path scurrying for cover.

I admit I was a little afraid of it at first, too. The DC28’s myriad of built-in extensions are a daunting display, like a machine-made octopus ready to suck dirt from what you once thought were the most unreachable corners of your home. My favorite is the smaller hand-held sweeper extension that gets behind the litter box.

And unlike old-school vacuums – the ones that require replacement vacuum bags – the DC28 is bagless. So when it’s full, just hold the container over the trashcan and open – swish, the dust, debris, fur balls empty out and don’t get all over your floor. The British pitchman always talks about how much thought he’s put into his Dyson vacuums in those TV ads, now I wholeheartedly salute his genius.

One caveat: This model (which retails for $599.99) is heavier than your average vacuum and takes a certain amount of muscle to maneuver on the lower settings (the lowest of the four is “bare floor”). But when you select a higher setting, man, does it move. The machine’s new “Airmuscle technology” furiously sucks filth off the floor – it’s a sight to behold. And so are my rugs, which look several years younger since their clean sweep. Who knew there was more dirt on my floors than met the eye?